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Customer Reviews

Here's a small handful of some of our 5-Star reviews for both of our exercise bikes.




This thing is absolutely amazing. Totally silent, well built and effortless to incorporate into my workday. I sit long periods of time and I definitely notice the difference with this- able to edit documentaries and make phone calls with no problem. Pair with sitting on a stability ball and you won't be disappointed.


     -T. Fry  (Amazon Reviewer)


Quiet, convenient and compact!


I love it! it's quiet, convenient, compact and solidly built! People barely notice it under my desk and I can vary the intensity to a level that I can pedal while writing email or browsing the web. I can easily do 5-10 minutes without realizing it! Great for people at desk jobs!


     -Michelle Bautista "micmac74"  (Amazon Reviewer)

I love this cycle!


I love this cycle! Best thing I've done for myself in a long time. I use it at work and it helps me to be less fidgety and more focused. This eliminated the nerve pain I was suffering from sitting for long periods. It is very quiet. I highly recommend it.


     -GSD "Nature Lady"  (Amazon Reviewer)

Awesome purchase!


This is an awesome purchase. I am addicted to this thing. I use it at my desk during the day and then bring it in to the living room at night and use it some more. I can easily burn 500-1000 calories in a day using this. It is much easier in front of the TV, because my keyboard drawer gets in the way while I am working, but you cannot go wrong with this purchase. It is impossible to hear a single noise from is so very quiet. It is very smooth pedaling too. I work at a hospital and I have even gotten some of my nurse friends to buy this. I think we all love it!


     -Debbie Davis  (Amazon Reviewer)

Must Buy!


Awesome! Helps me keep fit while sitting at a desk at work. Worth every penny! Silent operation, durable, great variation levels for resistance.


     -Danielle Lawrence  (Amazon Reviewer)

Silent but awesome!


Excellent product, well built, can be made very easy up to very hard. Perfect for people who are in front of screens 24/7. I am an exercise addict and have not found any other product which my wife or son would use. They both LOVE this. My wife uses it in the living room watching TV. Son has been using it daily since the 2 weeks he's had his.


     -Marc Glass  (Amazon Reviewer)


Great for shoulder rehab!


This Magne Trainer is Great, I've been using it a few times a week for 2 years now and still works like new! Very Quiet. Great buy for the money. After multiple dislocations and having shoulder surgery this was my main re-hab tool at PT and now that I have one at home I use it all the time. Keeps my shoulders strong, mobile and pain free!! Great for upper back and neck tension/pain too!


     -Philip Johnston  (Amazon Reviewer)

A must buy


Love it. I lost a lot of muscle on the left side of my body and gained a ton of weight due to a spin injury. This bike helped me lose 5 pounds in 3 days :)


Plus my muscles are getting stronger . I use for both arms and legs. Works great! Was going to get the attachments for arms but really don't need them. I just got it last week so don't know long term but for now it's awesome, I wish I found this a year ago


     -jonathan aponte "Jonathan Aponte"  (Amazon Reviewer)


The Best Mini exercise Trainer

 I have ever encountered...


The MagneTrainer-ER mini exercise bike is a small but powerful machine. It is very well constructed and its operation is all but silent. It is easily transported and the perfect item for any home. There is no need to use the securing strap as the machine does not slip. Even on tiles it is quite solid. My wife and I love the machine. I would recommend this item to anyone interested in a well built, economical hand or foot bike.


     -Walter Woerner  (Amazon Reviewer)

The best ever!


I love this mini cycle. I use it almost every day as I sit in front of the TV and watch my favorite shows. It's heavy enough to hold on carpet and you're able to use it for your arms as well. I highly recommend this mini cycle for people that want a quick workout at home. It has a definite range of resistance levels as well.


     -Loray  (Amazon Reviewer)



I am beyond thrilled about this product. I received it fast and I was thrilled about setting it up. The product is very durable and I was so happy to use it, it is made out of durable material and will not break like other bicycles of this nature. Thank you for making my decision easy by creating such a high quality product.


     -Natalie  (Amazon Reviewer)


Just what I was looking for!


Bought this for my husband to strengthen his knee. He uses it every day and said it helps his knee without causing any pain. Easy, quiet but effective.


     -Shar B  (Amazon Reviewer)


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